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Welcome to Delta Air Virtual

Thank you for choosing Delta Air Lines Virtual, a fan group for Infinite Flight enthusiasts. We encourage gamers of all grades and experience to join us. Please remain professional and kind to each other. We will hold weekly events on a variety of routes and aircraft. We are currently looking to expand our team so please contact us with any suggestions or ideas to make our group the best.

We are in no way affiliated with Delta Air Lines Inc. For reservations and bookings please visit


January 26,2018 - Delta air virtual has introduced Skymiles. What this consists of is Delta management has come up with an incentives program to help out our pilots with their monthly subscription for global on Infinite Flight. We will run a monthly contest for $10 Apple Gift card or Google play card and that will go to whoever gets the most flying hours for the previous month. For the hours to count the PIREP must be submitted prior to the end of the month or the first of the following month.

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