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Now Departing: ...Your Virtual Flying Career...

WELCOME TO THE CAREER PAGE. WE ARE GLAD YOU’RE HERE! Prior to applying, please make sure you meet the following criteria:

- ​Applicant must hold a Live Subscription to Infinite Flight

- Applicant must file ONE Pilot Report per month

- Applicant must not falsify or lie on their pilot report as this will lead to termination

- Applicant must be active on our Facebook group page (Official Delta Ain Lines Virtual - IFFG)

- Applicant must attend ONE group event per month

If you meet all the following criteria then fill out the application below.

Pilot Application:


Management Positions:

Training Coordinator:

   1. The Training Coordinator will create group training events for new pilots or for pilots who wish to enhance their flying skills. This member must maintain no less than a Grade 3, however grade 4 is preferred.

 Event ATC: 

   1. We are looking for a small handful of pilots to play as ATC during group events. ATC members will earn 2x the hours while playing as ATC for group events.

If you want to apply feel free to fill out the application below.